A completely new kind of audio speaker driver, the acousticWING™ is a radical shift away from today’s resonance-prone cone drivers. The acousticWING™ makes sound by moving in a rigid action. Unlike conventional audio drivers, there is NO rubbery, unstable suspension, NO wobbly piston action, NO floppy movement of any kind, so there is no unwanted vibration-energy generated to pollute your sound.

The result is not less resonance, but zero-resonance-distortion across the widest operating ranges.

Zero-resonance = the purest sound you’ve ever heard.

WING audio speakers


The acousticWING employs a patented pendulum-type motion, for ultra-deep bass extension, enabling a vast movement of air, 76º peak to peak. Yet this incredible capacity for bass comes with absolutely NO compromise at mid and high frequencies, which in today’s speakers leads to soundmuddying resonance.

The acousticWING achieves what was previously impossible: market-leading bass with |zero-resonance| sound definition, over the widest operating bandwidths.

You experience the deepest, richest bass ever heard.


Some things just need to be experienced to be believed. The acousticWING delivers sound that is so exciting, so immersive and so absorbing, many have commented “I just don’t want to stop listening’– we have come to know this as the ‘Wing’ effect. It has smashed the limitations of physics that apply to bass extension across all genres, from Classical to Rock, Hip Hop to Opera.

We could attempt to quantify the reasons for the depth of sound achieved by the acousticWING, a sound delivery system so different to the rest of the world’s audio drivers, but you really need to hear it to believe it.


Leading recording engineers have stated:
“There’s definition here I’ve only ever heard during live recordings – truly incredible.”

“This is revealing detail I have never heard before through any audio reproduction gear.”

“This is a completely new way to experience sound.”

The acousticWING is light years ahead of conventional speaker performance – it is redefining how the world experiences sound.

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