High End Audio Convention
With over 1,500 brands, and 21,000+ visitors, High End Audio Convention, held in Munich Germany, is the world’s leading international audio show. Held over four days, from 10th – 13th May 2018, the show was attended by industry heavyweights, audio reviewers, consumers and over 500 journalists.

Wing Invited to attend by organisers
Based on new innovation in the field of audio and ‘real world-firsts’, Wing Acoustics was selected from audio companies throughout the world and invited to attend as a free participant to exhibit and lecture on their revolutionary new loudspeaker driver technology.

Wing stuns visitors
The Wing team chooses to reveal several new prototypes:

  1. A pair of prototype open headphones delivering unrivalled sound purity and bass extension via the company’s patented acousticWing® full-range drivers.
  2. A second pair of prototype closed headphones in the same configuration as the closed headphones.
  3. A pair of prototype floor standing loudspeaker monitors.

Both the ‘open’ and ‘closed’ headphone configurations astonish the audience, receiving rapturous responses to what they are hearing and what they are seeing. Treble and mid-range audio purity is described by many as “impossible” with the acousticWING® drivers delivering ZERO detectable resonance-distortion over the widest operating bandwidths ever achieved.

Listeners are even more astounded by the bass extension achieved by the acousticWing® full-range drivers, with a fundamental diaphragm resonance frequency at an industry-leading 30Hz – an octave lower than any other headphone exhibiting at the show.