The problem – distortion

Developed 100 years ago, conventional cone loudspeaker drivers are resonance-distortion generating machines. They are in virtually every sound device on the planet.

A pliable vibrating cone (diaphragm) is attached to a rubberised suspension system that flexes in an unstable pistonic motion to transfer sound energy into the air. This system introduces significant resonance-distortion (uncontrollable vibration energy) that muddies and shrouds your original music. As resonance-distortion is inherent in the DNA of these drivers, it cannot be eliminated, only managed.

So, today’s best audio equipment is primarily distinguished by how well resonance-distortion has been managed.


The pursuit of pure sound

Frustrated by distortion in conventional loudspeakers and united in their belief that there was a better way to reproduce sound, Mike Palmer and Dave Palmer, Kiwi brothers, audio engineers and accomplished classical musicians, begin their unwavering quest to attain pure sound reproduction.

Fast forward to the present day, the Palmers’ pioneering work in zero-resonance rotational loudspeaker technology culminates in the acousticWing® – the world’s purest sounding loudspeaker driver. It represents a completely new way to generate sound, free from detectable resonance-distortion.


World first

Following more than a decade researching existing audio technologies, and developing literally hundreds of their own prototypes, the Palmer brothers begin to accelerate the Wing technology beyond the limitations of existing audio transducer technology.

Development is completed of the first generation acousticWing® – the world’s first audio transducer free of detectable resonance-distortion. It is deployed into a set of prototype headphones. To this day these headphones are described by acoustic engineers, music producers and audio reviewers as the world’s best sounding headphones.

Acoustic Wing

Protecting two decades of research and development

Global patent filings begin in 2015 with the first omnibus patent of over 700 pages – described by Wing’s US IP law firm as one of the largest they have sighted.

A multiplicity of patents are now granted with many more pending in jurisdictions worldwide. Foundational filings have been established for 200+ unique potential patents.


Demonstrating to the world

Wing is invited to exhibit and lecture at High End Audio Convention in Munich, the world’s largest audio show, as a free participant based on ‘new innovation in the audio field and real world-firsts’.

The company reveals new prototypes: Two new pairs of headphones, in ‘open’ and ‘closed’ configurations, stun with their unrivalled sound purity and bass extension delivered via full-range acousticWing® drivers. These drivers exhibit ZERO detectable resonance-distortion over immense bandwidths, results described by industry pundits as ‘impossible’ and, to facilitate bass extension, a fundamental diaphragm resonance frequency at an incredible 30Hz – an octave lower than any other headphone exhibiting.

Wing also reveals a pair of prototype loudspeaker monitors. The company subsequently demonstrates these monitors to music engineers at the eminent Abbey Road Studios in London and famed Roundhead Recording Studios in Auckland, again astonishing their audience –>

July 2019

Zero sound – impossible improved

In 2019 the company beats its own world-leading results.

The new acousticWing® achieves an even greater ZERO detectable resonance-distortion bandwidth (80Hz – 17kHz) – equating to even purer sound reproduction and even faster transients. Acoustic Engineers have stated that this result would be impossible to achieve using conventional technology.

The company elects to release its first commercial product on the basis of these market-leading results.

October 2019

Debut stuns in Melbourne

Wing debuts the Zerø passive mini speakers at the StereoNet Melbourne Hifi Show. Many claim the Zerøs to be ‘the stand-out of the show’ with some visitors returning multiple times to compare the compact Zerøs to other loudspeakers on show.

“I’ve never seen anything like the driver Wing Acoustics have developed, how it actually makes sound is nothing short of a miracle. How does it make that beautiful sound?”

“Music producers will demand these as their studio monitors to mix on.”

“Insanely impressive new speaker driver – why would anyone want to buy large speakers when you can have these?”

“These were very near the top of the highlights for me at the show and were really only topped by some insane esoteric stuff. For stuff that “normal” people could buy these guys were miles ahead of anything else I heard.”


Wing Zerø passive speakers launch

If you covet a level of sound quality that is, in many aspects, beyond what is accessible through even the most premium of floor standing speakers, but you are limited by space or budget, here’s your opportunity to own the ultimate in beautifully pure sound at a fraction of the cost and size.

Zerø passive mini speakers offer unparalleled sound purity, impossibly clear mid-range, breathtaking treble and bass extension beyond that of many loudspeakers priced in the tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars – all from a speaker no taller than a wine glass. And the better your amplifier, the more detail the Zerø’s will reveal in your music that, until now, has been missing.


Purest sound + Deepest bass + World leading amplification
Wing active headphones are coming…