The acousticWing® removes the wall between you and the artist

A revolutionary new kind of loudspeaker driver, the acousticWing® changes everything. Going beyond the limits of conventional audio technology, beyond self-proclaimed hi-fidelity, it achieves what has been inconceivable until now – the world’s purest sound. The wall between artist and audience vanishes – no longer the listener, you are transported into the performance. The acousticWing® looks like no other, moves like no other, sounds like no other.

The loudspeaker is reinvented

Created over two decades, the revolutionary acousticWing® is developed on a foundational principle in opposition to the approach used across the audio industry – rigidity. There is NO flexible diaphragm, NO rubbery surround, and NO unstable piston action – the cause of uncontrollable shaking (resonance-distortion) in conventional loudspeakers that pollute and shroud your music.

Formed in the shape of a rigid wing, and mimicking the action of a humming bird in flight, the acousticWing® moves like no other.

Silencing 100 years of audio distortion

Loudspeaker driver resonances degrade original recordings, masking the true sound definition. Waterfall plots are the industry standard measure of resonance-distortion (vibrating energy decay) in loudspeaker drivers. The greater the resonance-distortion, the muddier and more shrouded the reproduction. The less resonance-distortion, the truer the reproduction to the artist’s original recording.

Wing achieves world’s best waterfall plot

The Waterfall Plot featured (Figure 1) is a measurement of the acousticWing® diaphragm that beats at the heart of Wing’s Zerø passive apartment speakers. It shows zero detectable resonance-distortion over the widest operating bandwidth ever achieved for any loudspeaker: 80Hz and 20,000Hz.

Audio Engineers have stated this would be impossible using conventional dynamic drivers.

The astounding ability of the acousticWing® to achieve what no other driver can, Zero stored energy during operation, results in unparalleled sound purity, breathtaking mid-range and treble performance you never knew existed.

An emotional connection beyond anything you’ve experienced

We can attempt to describe the profound impression that listening to a sound delivery system so different to the rest of the world’s loudspeakers brings; jaw-dropping transparency, absolute immersion, eye widening disbelief, a reluctance to stop listening, but some things must be experienced to be believed.