No two individuals are more committed to delivering pure sound than Mike Palmer & Dave Palmer, inventors of the world’s first |zero-resonance| speakers.

Journey back to a couple of ‘Kiwis’ tinkering away in their uncle’s garage in 1997. Actually, garage is perhaps understating things. More a workshop filled with precision lathes, milling machines, dentist drills, welding equipment and possibly the county’s largest collection of hand tools.

Mike and Dave Palmer, Kiwi brothers, classical musicians (Mike plays the cello, Dave plays the violin), mechanical, computing and electronics engineers. Their unique skill sets, and an absolute belief that there was a better way to reproduce recorded audio, through rigid not floppy engineering principles, set them on a path that would culminate in a revolutionary new audio speaker.

A design so different to every driver in operation today, it not only delivers |zero-resonance| sound in its purest original form, but also generates the deepest |zero-resonance| bass ever produced.



Mike investigates cello string modelling during 4th year B.Eng, Auckland University

Investigates feed-forward DSP audio signal modification to pre-correct speaker distortion

Initiates his first speaker design and DSP software development


Dave joins his brother Mike

They experiment with speaker designs that are easier to drive via DSP algorithms

Initiate their first home-audio system, consisting of sub-woofer, mid-woofer and dome tweeter


Grail Acoustics Limited is registered

Top 10 finalists Auckland University Spark Entrepreneur Challenge

2005: Win NZTE Edge grant
2006: Win Enterprise grant

2008: Home-audio system Proof of Concept compared to speakers worth US$ 15,000+


Generation1 headphone speaker prototype initiated


World’s first |zero-resonance|prototype headphones completed
– 12,000 hours of continuous operation at loud volume
– Achieves reviews stating ‘world-class’ headphones

Seed capital funding

Australasian patent firm, DiscoverIP appointed


Generation2 ‘Mass Market’ speaker initiated

U.S. IP Law firm, Alston & Bird LLP appointed

September: 1st Provisional Patent filed

September: 2nd Provisional Patent filed

Globex Engineering appointed

Seed capital funding


Generation2 ‘Mass Market’ speaker completed

June: 3rd Provisional Patent filed

September: 1st PCT (international patent application) filed

Reserving the option to protect inventions in any one of the associated 150+ countries
PCT contains over 69 inventions and 200 collections of 500 claims

September: 1st Expedited US Patent filed

Generation3 ‘Deep Bass’ home-audio speaker prototype initiated

Seed capital funding


Generation3 ‘Deep Bass’ prototype home-audio speaker completed

March: 4th Provisional Patent filed

March demonstration tour, LA
‘Jam’ sessions with some of the world’s biggest audio brands to stunning reviews

May demonstration tour, Europe
‘Jam’ sessions with some of the world’s biggest audio brands to stunning reviews

Generation4 home-audio and headphone speakers initiated

acousticWING trademarked

Grail Acoustics becomes Wing Acoustics


January: acousticWING®  trademark application granted in New Zealand and filed in key GDP countries

April: Up to 66 patents filed across key GDP countries

April: acousticWING® 4 prototypes become operational

May: WING invited to attend and lecture as a free participant at the world’s largest audio show, High End Audio Convention in Munich, based on the uniqueness of technology. Receive rapturous responses from industry, media, reviewers and consumers.

May: 3rd PCT (international patent application) filed
Reserving the option to protect additional inventions in any one of the associated 150+ countries

Jun: 5th Provisional patent filed