David Price Audio Reveiwer

“This is one of the finest sounding small speakers I’ve heard.”

Revered UK audio reviewer, David Price, has delivered his verdict, publishing the world’s first audio review of the Wing Zerø compact standmount speakers on the StereoNet global audio review site… and it’s epic!

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Wing Zerøs deliver at Roundhead Recording Studios

Wing returned to Roundhead Studios in May 2020 to put the new Zerø compact passive speaker prototypes through their paces with Studio Manager Paddy Hill.

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Demonstrating at famed Roundhead Recording Studios

The demo session saw the stunned engineers cycle through their favourite tracks and experience their own mixes through the Wing prototype headphones and loudspeaker monitors

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Wing Acoustics at Melbourne Hi-Fi Show

Wing Acoustics shines at Melbourne Hifi Show

On Friday October 18, 2019 and over the following two days, the Wing Acoustics' team debuted the Wing Zerø passive compact speaker prototypes to the world at the StereoNet Melbourne Hifi Show.

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Wing Accoustics at High End Audio Convention

Wing Acoustics invited to exhibit & speak at world’s largest audio show

Wing Acoustics was selected from audio companies throughout the world and invited to attend the High End Audio Convention as a free participant to exhibit and lecture on their revolutionary new loudspeaker driver technology.

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