Wing Zerø

Passive Shelf Speakers

An entirely new way to generate sound, Wing Zerø shelf speakers deliver breathtaking treble performance, mid-range never before experienced and market-leading bass for a compact 2-way shelf speaker that, remarkably, stands only 230mm high.

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    World first

    Wing Zerø shelf speakers feature the world’s first acousticWING®, a revolutionary mid-treble driver that, as a market-leading feature of this technology, delivers zero energy storage over exceptional bandwidths and lightning fast transients. Fuse this acoustic tour de force with a 3” dedicated subwoofer, passive radiator, and obsessive optimisation around a compact aluminium enclosure and the result is purity and clarity beyond that of loudspeakers priced in the tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars.


    The acousticWING® diaphragm is designed like no other. The Waterfall Plot below is a measurement of the acousticWING® that sits at the heart of Wing’s Zerø passive shelf speakers. It unequivocally shows Zerø resonance-distortion over the widest operating bandwidths. The result is unparalleled sound purity, breathtaking mid-range and treble performance you never knew existed. Audio Engineers have stated this would be impossible to achieve using conventional dynamic drivers.

    Market-leading bass extension

    The Wing Zero achieves an unprecedented low crossover frequency of below 400Hz which is only possible through the extraordinarily wide bandwidth of the acousticWING® driver delivering unparalleled mid-range and treble performance. Such a low crossover relieves the subwoofer of any sub-par mid-range responsibilities, concentrating it’s performance on delivering market-leading bass extension (-6dB @ 35Hz), that belies the speaker’s exceptionally small form factor.

    Beautiful heavy metal

    Weighing in at a rock solid 6.5kg, the incredibly compact Wing Zerø shelf speakers stand only 230mm tall. 7mm thick, formed aluminum outer walls are finished in premium anodising for an exceptional beauty and durabilty.

    Layer upon layer of obsessive acoustic optimisation

    The level of acoustic management inherent in Wing’s Zerø shelf speakers is what you would expect in premium floor standing speakers with a price tag in the tens of thousands. Multiple defense systems have been deployed to manage, at a micro level, potential sources of resonance that can be a significant cause of sound colouration in speaker design:

    Acoustic lobing extinguished

    Lobing refers to possible interference of sound waves radiating from multiple sources, leading to a potentially irregular off-axis response that can colour audio reproduction. In many two-way speakers, at certain listening positions certain frequencies can be almost completely cancelled in the crossover region. It is at the crossover frequency that the effects of lobing are of greatest concern. The incredibly low crossover achieved in the Wing Zerø shelf speakers virtually eliminates acoustic lobing, preserving in pristine state, the tonality of original audio across a wide range of listening positions.


    The acousticWING® is an ironless loudspeaker driver. Consisting of a radically simplified motor design featuring a single moving magnet, stationary heat-sinked coil and ZERO iron pole pieces, the acousticWING® eliminates non-linearity associated with pole piece hysteresis– a significant cause of distortion in conventional loudspeakers.


    Wing Zerø passive shelf speakers


    acousticWING® mid-treble driver
    89mm sub-woofer
    129mm ‘wave’ passive radiator

    35 Hz to 20 kHz

    350 Hz

    100 W minimum

    SENSITIVITY (2.83V/m)
    74 dB SPL

    4 Ω

    6.5 kg (14.3 lbs.)

    225 x 165 x 225 mm
    (8.86 x 6.5 x 8.86 in.)

    In line with continuing research and development, Wing Acoustics reserves the right to amend or change specifications.