Zerøs – Ultimate Passive Apartment Speakers

$2,995.00 Pair (USD)

If you covet a level of sound quality that is, in many aspects, unsurpassed by even the most premium of floor standing speakers, and especially if you are limited by space or budget, Zerø’s offer the world’s best sound at a fraction of the price and size.

Zerø Passive Apartment Speakers are the ultimate solution for apartments and smaller spaces. If you want ‘overtly loud’ speakers, the Zerø’s are not for you. But if you desire the world’s purest sound combined with extraordinarily deep bass extension, beyond that of many loudspeakers priced in the tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars from a speaker no taller than a wine glass, then look no further.

Limited pairs hand built at the source in New Zealand
Colour: Ultra-Black
Shipping estimated from September 2020

Please note – for deliveries outside of New Zealand, the customer will be responsible for any import clearance and any applicable import duties and taxes.

Pay a deposit of US $1,000.00 upfront to secure your Zerøs

Zerø – the world’s purest sound

World’s First acousticWing®

Achieving what no other single driver can; pure fidelity across entire treble and mid range.

Zero Acoustic Lobing

The incredibly low crossover frequency means acoustic lobbing is eliminated.

Heavy Metal In Miniature

Each Zerø weighs a rock solid 7.5kg, yet stands only 230mm tall.

Purest Sound Ever Heard

acousticWing® – Zero detectable energy storage over the widest bandwidths ever achieved for purest sound ever heard.

Unmatched Crossover

Extraordinarily low crossover frequency (350Hz) for superbly integrated sound.

Insanely Low Bass

Market-leading bass extension (-6dB @ 40Hz) that belies the Zero’s compact size.

Exceptional Sweet Spot

The Zerø’s deliver one of the widest sweet spots of any two-way speaker.

The world’s purest sound

The revolutionary acousticWing® mimics the action of a humming bird in flight.

Unlike distortion-prone cone loudspeaker drivers, the acousticWing® has NO flexible diaphragm, NO rubbery surround, and NO unstable piston action. The uncontrollable shaking (resonance-distortion) inherent in conventional loudspeakers, that normally pollutes and shrouds your music, is eliminated, resulting in the purest sound reproduction you will ever hear.

“Music producers will demand these as their studio monitors to mix on.”

“Insanely impressive new speaker driver – why would anyone want to buy large speakers when you can have these?”

“These were very near the top of the highlights for me at the show and were really only topped by some insane esoteric stuff. For stuff that “normal” people buy these guys were miles ahead of anything else I heard.”

StereoNet Melbourne Hifi Show – attendees feedback

Market-leading bass, unrivalled crossover

The Wing Zerøs achieve an extraordinarily low crossover frequency of 350Hz, made possible through the extraordinarily wide bandwidth of the acousticWing® driver. This incredibly low crossover frequency, combined with the acousticWing’s unparalleled mid-range and treble performance from a single driver, delivers superbly integrated sound.

Additionally, since the 3” subwoofer is relieved of the job of having to attempt sub-par mid-range reproduction, performance can be tailored toward delivery of market-leading bass extension (-6dB @ 40Hz) that belies the speaker’s exceptionally compact size.

Exceptionally wide sweet spot

The sweet spot, also known as the directivity field, is the listening area where you experience the best sound from your speakers. In conventional shelf speakers, this is often of significant disappointment for audio reviewers who recurrently warn of “very small sweet spots, requiring careful positioning”.

The sweet spot for the Wing Zerøs is extraordinarily wide throughout the mid-treble range, preserving colour, tonality, depth and scale. Even at a distance and well off axis, where listeners move around a room, sound-staging is exceptional.

Free From Acoustic Lobing

Lobing refers to possible interference of sound waves radiating from multiple sources, leading to a potentially irregular off-axis response that can colour audio reproduction.With conventional speakers, at certain listening positions frequencies in the crossover region can be completely cancelled.

The incredibly low crossover frequency achieved in the Wing Zerø aprtment speakers means that acoustic lobbing is eliminated, preserving pristine tonality across a wide range of listening positions.


The acousticWing® is an ironless loudspeaker driver.

Consisting of a radically simplified motor design featuring a single moving magnet, stationary heat-sinked coil and ZERO iron pole pieces, the acousticWing® eliminates non-linearity associated with pole piece hysteresis – a significant cause of distortion in conventional loudspeakers.

Obsessive Acoustic Optimisation

The degree of resonance management inherent in Wing’s Zerø enclosures borders on obsessive and is beyond that of many speakers priced in the tens of thousands of dollars. Dual enclosures to contain treble and mid-range resonance, an anechoic chamber and comprehensive deployment of damping and decoupling systems serves to micro-manage potential sources of resonance that can be a significant cause of sound colouration in conventional speakers.

Beautiful Heavy Metal

Featuring a stunning design aesthetic, the Zerøs are the ultimate in form and acoustic function – 7mm thick aluminum outer walls finished in premium anodising for exceptional beauty and durability.

Also impressive is the weight for such compact speakers (7.5kg each) yet the Zerøs stand only 230mm tall. Stunning shape and exceptional detailing on the surface, serious materials and meticulous engineering, that underpins Wing sound purity, under the grille. A strong piece of industrial design.


Bi-wiring option and premium gold plating on binding posts complete the package.

Technical Specifications

Zerø Passive Apartment Speakers


acousticWING® mid-treble driver
89mm sub-woofer
129mm ‘wave’ passive radiator

40 Hz to 20 kHz

350 Hz

10 W RMS

Minimum 100 W RMS per channel into 4 Ω

74 dB SPL

4 Ω

7.5kg (16.5lbs.)

225 x 165 x 225 mm
(8.86 x 6.5 x 8.86 in.)

In line with continuing research and development, Wing Acoustics reserves the right to amend or change specifications.


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