Wing Acoustics’ stunning headphone and home-audio speaker prototype demonstrations have evoked some of the best reviews ever articulated from Reviewers, Musicians, Concert Masters, Scientists, Sound Engineers, Music Producers and some of the world’s leading Acoustic and Senior Transducer Engineers.

“I can‘t believe what I am hearing, these are the best headphones I have ever heard”

Senior Acoustic Engineer | World-renowned loudspeaker design company 

“You have not only improved on other loudspeakers, you have provided a new paradigm — a redefinition of the high-end listening experience.”

National Audio Reviewer

“Once in a lifetime, you experience innovation as revolutionary and as good as this”

Senior Acoustic Engineer | Global speaker company

“I can’t believe how much bass you are moving with these small drivers.”

Senior Transducer Engineer | Global headphone brand

“These are the best headphones in the world.”

Chief Scientist | International top 10 VC company

“I’ve never heard sound reproduction like this on any audio gear. And the bass, are you kidding me?”

Sound Engineer | Internationally renowned recording studio

“Beautiful. Incredible sound definition. I can literally hear every instrument. You have something truly amazing here.”

Marketing Director | Global hi-end audio brand

“I’d swear I’m in Westminster Abbey – I can actually hear the organ rattling. I’ve only ever heard this level of definition live. This is transporting me to… I don’t know where… Heaven.”

International Soprano

“We are all looking for this level of performance. You have developed something that is competing with the big boys.”

Senior Transducer Engineer | Global audio brand

“I thought I’d heard the best, but nothing sounds this good.”

Professional Musician| National symphony orchestra

“If these were on the market, I would buy them tomorrow.”

Partner | International top 10 VC company

“Game-changing. Removes the need for mixing bias added to make up for lack of performance in a normal speaker. You’re listening to the sound as the artist and producer made it. Do you realise what you have developed here?”

Technical Director Audio Engineering

“Your drivers have technical advances and measurable performance advantages.”

Senior Transducer Engineer | Global headphone brand

“Pure is the word. Pure, as it was meant to be.”

World-class professional violinist