On Friday October 18, 2019 and over the following two days, the Wing Acoustics’ team debuted the Wing Zerø passive compact speaker prototypes to the world at the StereoNet Melbourne Hifi Show.

Many visitors claimed the Wing Zerøs to be ‘the stand-out of the show’ with audience participants and competitor audio brand representatives returning to Wing’s exhibition stand multiple times to compare the compact Zerøs to other loudspeakers on show.

Comments include:

“I’ve never seen anything like the driver Wing Acoustics have developed. How does it make that beautiful sound?”

“Music producers will demand these as their studio monitors to mix on.”

“Insanely impressive new speaker driver. Why would anyone want to buy large speakers when you can have these?”

“These were very near the top of the highlights for me at the show and were really only topped by some insane esoteric stuff. For stuff that “normal” people could buy these guys were miles ahead of anything else I heard.”

“I was looking around for the sub. What I heard was full and rich and deep. Given they are a compact bookshelf speakers, they completely fooled me.”