Audio Revolution

Audio Revolution


Looks, moves, sounds like no other

Sound reproduction is reinvented.
What has been impossible for 100 years is now reality – pure-fidelity.
More detail, more emotion, more dimension.
Music producers have stated “ It’s like hearing your music for the first time”.
Mimicking a bird wing in flight, the revolutionary acousticWing® moves you like no other.

We’re licensing Wing’s revolutionary audio technology to deliver significant competitive advantage for our partners

Audio in its purest form

Patented IP and know-how

Applications across multiple audio verticals

Looks, moves, sounds, like no other

We work with you to develop unique applications for implementation into your audio products.
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IP Secured

From its inception, Wing Acoustics has protected the company’s proprietary audio technologies. Wing’s industry-redefining acousticWing® audio technology is protected by an expanding IP portfolio of over 45 granted, pending and filed patents, plus trademarks, in key jurisdictions around the world.
To maintain these protective measures, Wing continues to file for patent applications with the objective of achieving an industry-leading position in the field of rotational action audio transducers.

Acoustic Wing

The proof – measuring audio purity

Waterfall plots measure the resonance distortion, introduced by speakers, that can pollute your music.

The cleaner the plot, the purer the sound.

Conventional cone drivers, used in almost every sound device on the planet, are saturated with this distortion so even in expensive systems reproduced audio is polluted and shrouded.

acousticWing® generates the world’s cleanest Waterfall Plot, resulting in unparalleled audio purity, detail, texture and emotion.

Wing ‘Zerø’ compact passive speakers

“One of the finest sounding small speakers I’ve heard”

The goal was to achieve world-leading sound quality, in the toughest audiophile category, from a passive speaker no taller than a wine glass.

Hand-built in small batches the Zeros, featuring the acousticWing®, achieve multiple 5-star reviews. Revered UK audio reviewer David Price notes “Many speakers I’ve heard have some of these qualities, few possess them all.”

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Wing’s headphone prototypes

Developed and 3D printed in Wing’s LAB, these passive Wing headphone prototypes were created to demonstrate the ultimate audio purity qualities of the acousticWing®.

Pitted against some of the world’s best headphones, these latest prototypes are stunning those lucky enough to experience them.

Watch a Wing headphone audio review here