Dave Palmer

Co-founder & Inventor

Mike Palmer

Co-founder & Inventor

Dave & Mike Palmer

Co-founders & Inventors

A Lifetime In The Pursuit Of Pure Sound. No two individuals are more committed to attaining pure sound reproduction than Michael Palmer and David Palmer, inventors of the revolutionary acousticWing® – the world’s purest sounding loudspeaker driver.

Pioneers in rotational loudspeaker technology, the Kiwi brothers have amassed over two decades of experience in mechanical, computing and electronics engineering relating to acoustic design. They are also accomplished classical musicians (Mike plays the cello, Dave the violin).

Their unique skill sets, and an absolute belief that there was a better way to reproduce recorded audio, set them on a path of development that would culminate in a completely new way to generate sound. The acousticWing®, based on an engineering foundation of rigidity, is a design so different to the dynamic loudspeaker drivers in operation today, it not only improved on reducing resonance-distortion, a major source of pollution in today’s dynamic  loudspeakers, it eliminated resonance distortion at the source across the widest operating ranges ever achieved.

IP Protection

Wing has an ever expanding patent portfolio, comprised of over 200 patentable claims relating to the unique design of acousticWing®. From its inception, Wing Acoustics has protected the company’s proprietary innovations and technologies. To maintain this protection, Wing Acoustics employs an ongoing patent filing strategy.