Wing returned to Roundhead Studios in May 2020 to put the new Zerø compact passive speaker prototypes through their paces with Studio Manager Paddy Hill.

Paddy’s feedback even surprised the Wing team:
“I couldn’t believe these shelf sized speakers were delivering the clarity and depth of soundstage they were delivering! The Zero’s punished our regular studio monitors. I no longer felt like I was sitting hearing a performance, I was in the performance. It hurt to hear the best of the best and have to return to our old faithfuls, tainted by the experience. An incredible speaker and incredible feat by their creators. I now need to convince my wife to let me have a little set of Zero’s for our new apartment.”

A pair of Wing’s Zerøs are proudly stationed in Roundhead’s Studio A atop one of the world’s coveted mixing desks, the Neve 8088, used by The Who, Joan Jett, Judas Priest, Motorhead, Jeff Buckley, REM, and Alice Cooper.