Revered UK audio reviewer, David Price, has delivered his verdict, publishing the world’s first audio review of the Wing Zerø compact standmount speakers on the StereoNet global audio review site… and it’s epic!


Snippets from David’s review:

“This little speaker sounds way bigger than it actually is. Kate Bush’s Snowflake was quite a thing to hear. The track is very close miked to her piano, with alternating vocals between the great lady and her son. This speaker was able to impart a high degree of intimacy, bringing the listener right up close and personal. My attention turned not just to the rich timbre of the piano playing, but the wonderful expanse of sound issuing out from my review pair of Zerøs. Not only does the speaker go wide, it offers excellent handling of depth perspective too; things aren’t just rammed out at you. Instead, there’s a sense that you can step in and peer around inside the recorded acoustic, without having it thrown out at you. It can also hang images very far back when called upon so to do. Factor in the aforementioned excellent off-axis response, and you can see why sound staging is one of this speaker’s many talents.”

“It’s all well and good to divide up all the aspects of this speaker’s sound and comment on them as if you were judging an Olympic gymnastics performance – but in a way that misses the point. The real key to the Zerø is its overall blend of refinement, insight and excellent time-domain performance. This explains why it sounds fast and energetic without being forward or in-your-face. It’s why you can run the gamut of your music collection and not feel like the speaker is going to do better with one genre of music than the other.”

“The result is a svelte, sophisticated sound that’s also fast and musically communicative. Many speakers I’ve heard have some of those qualities, but few possess all of them.”

“A steal at its price because what it does well, it does so very well.”

“What I can be sure of is that this little loudspeaker deserves to make a far bigger splash than its size suggests.”

David Price Audio Reveiwer