Witchdoctor’s Editor-In-Chief, Gary Steel admits to being amazed by the Wing Zerøs – a loudspeaker that Gary claims ‘Rewrites the book.”


Snippets from Gary’s review:

“I’m sitting in an office just off Auckland’s Dominion Rd. The sounds that are wafting around me are like nothing I’ve heard before. When I close my eyes, which is most of the time, I can almost “see” the musicians picking out notes on their guitars. The sound is practically holographic. The bass is really deep but natural. The transition from low-mids to high-highs is incredibly smooth. The treble is clear but astonishing in its transparency. Whenever I open my eyes I’m presented with a dilemma. There are no actual musicians, virtual or otherwise. Instead, facing me from across the room are two diminutive speakers on stands. It’s a kind of magic, some mysterious alchemy, but there’s no trickery here.”

“In fact, a few weeks later I attend a launch function at Neil Finn’s Roundhead Studios in Mt Eden, Auckland, where I meet Studio Manager Paddy Hill, who waxed eloquent about the Wing Zeros and just how ground breaking they are. They auditioned a pair at Roundhead for potential use as monitors, and were gobsmacked at just how great they sounded. “Incredible – it was like there was no longer any barrier between me and the performer,” writes Paddy in a testimonial on the speakers.”